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General Information:

  1. Bal Vidya Bhawan public school which was earlier known as Bal Vidya Bhawan Montessori school was established in year 1980. its field of activities the city of Hardoi and its suburbs. It run classes from pre-nursery to class XII.
  2. The school is governed by Bal Vidya Bhawan Public School society and its fields of activities is the district of Hardoi.
  3. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian school Certificate Examination(C.I.S.C.E) Board, New Delhi for holding class X(I.C.S.E.) and class XII(I.S.C) examination with its own center with in the premises center. 

Academic Session

The academic year commences in April and end in March.

Aims and Objective

The aim of the school is to impart education on modern methods to children beginning from the age of 3 year and above with emphasis on English, for their all round improvement in intellectual, physical, moral and social achievements.

Admission and withdrawal

  • Application for admission should be made to the principal. It is necessary to submit an application from signed by parent/ guardian.
  • Admission will be made on the basis of mark sheet/ report card. A transfer certificate from a recognized institution is the compulsory for such admissions.
  • Name of student who do not rejoin school with in three days of the commencement of school term, shall be struck off the roll unless leave has been previously applies by him her or on his/her behalf and grant by principal.
  • During session if a student continues to be absent without leave for ten working days in succession his name will be struck off the register in which case he will be liable for re-admission upon payment of the fine thus incurred.
  • A student who fails to oblation promotion continuously for two year must be withdrawn from the institution.
  • Students leaving school during the term shall pay all arrears of school and the tuition fee for the remainder of the current term.
  • The principal may remove any pupil from the school on any of the following grounds:-
  • Constant weakness in studies.
  • Irregular in attendance.
  • Behavior detrimental to others.
  • Habitual neglect of home work/studies/school discipline.
  • Non-payment or chronic irregularity in payment of fee.
  • The school leaving certificate will not be issued unless and until all dues to the school are cleared.

General rules:

  • Student coming late to the school must bring letter of excuse under signature of parents/guardian, the specimen signature of whom are kept in the school office or else they may be accompanied by the parent/guardian personally.
  • No pupil should remain absent expect for special reasons, for which leave should be asked for in writing by parents/guardian's. Oral message will carry no weight and will be ignored. An absence fine Rs.1/- per day shall be charged from student who do not attend the school without giving leave application.
  • Student to should promote shall have to put in 80% of total attendance during the period their names were on the roll of the institution of the school year, from the date of their first admission to the class (exclusive of leave grant on medical or other reasonable excuse). Shortage of attendance in case of deserving student may be considered by principal.
  • Pupils are not permitted to leave the school premises during working hours of school without obtaining permission from the principal.
  • Mobile/Pan puriya etc. Strictly prohibited to use in the school campus.
  • Parents/ guardians and visitors shall refrain from meeting their words or teacher during working hours of school. In case of urgency they may meet the principal and then she may arrange for such meeting.
  • it is duty of all pupils to include the habit of cleanliness and they should assists keeping the campus neat and clean.
  • While every care will be taken by us for the safety of article & brought by the students, we shall not be responsible for loss.
  • Pupils are warned not to bring to school any book newspaper/magazine which contain objectionable or undesirable picture article/literature.
  • During accece, students are expected to keep themselves engaged in out door games of walking exercising/reading in opening. They are adviced no to sit adile in the classroom during this time.
  • A fine Rs, 1/- per dayshall be charged, if the fees is not dioposited till the 15th of the month is due.
  • Parent/guardians shall be allowed in the school premises on permission of indentification card issue by the school.
  • Student shall bring their own tiffin from home. No purchase from hawkers will be permitted.
  • Every pupil shall have to take part in the school games and other co-curricular activities unless declared physically unfit by a medical practitioner or his exempted by the principal.

Examination and its report:

  • There shall be monthly written test of all major subjects on scheduled dates. Percentages of which shall be added the grand total for final result.
  • The academic examinatin fee shall be divided in two terms, i.e. half yearly and Annual examation/Pre Board examation.
  • Marks obtaion in all thest tests and examation shall be considered at the time of promotion of pupil to the next higher class.
  • 1.No nind of leave shall be allowed for annual examation for class VI to alss XI.
  • 2.Medical leave for annual examation from class pre nursury to clas V shall be grantedb subject to followed conditions.
  • a.The word should have an aggregate percentage of 60% in half early examinations.
  • b.The overall attendence of the ward for the acadmic session should  be more than 75%.
  • The progress report of every examation shall be sent to the parents / gauerian for perusal. The guardian shall sign it after perusal and return to the school. After annual enam, it can be retained by guardian.
  • Parents are requested to examine the report carerfully and see that their children/ward make extra effort to study those subject in which they may be weak.
  • At the end of academic year student shall be promoted to the next higher classes, if they obtain total aggregate of 60% of marks and a minimum of 40% of marks of each subject as well.
  • Re-examination or special examination will not be held. Result announced after the examination in the march shall be fail.
  • After the result is declaired, no altertion in it is possible and no discussion on this account shall be entertained, how ever clearical mistake may be corrected at any time.
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