A school can teach universal spiritual values without infringing on the individual identity of religions. In a Education for Protection and Security, values clarification goes a step beyond critical analysis and intellectual appreciation by connecting it to volition and a desire to excel.

Such an education puts greater emphasis on the discovery of the inner realities of life rather than only its outer, more visible aspects. A human being can be compared to a tree. When the inner roots are strong, the outer tree will be also. By giving more importance to inner over outer aspects, the foundation becomes strong. As a Jesuit Priest once said: "Give me a child for his first seven years and I'll give you the man."

Children moulded in such a school environment also have a greater sense of purpose. They are more respectful, compassionate and conscious individuals, and they are more motivated to serve their communities through their careers and professions. Through good counsel and modeling of these virtues and values, a school community can transform the lives of individuals, the family and society. In such an education, teachers aim to exemplify the values and virtues they teach and the school organizes its material and human resources for the best and highest possible development of a childĀ“s spirit.

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