Toppers OF ISC(XII) 2018

Ist-[Aman Rastogi (90%)]
IInd-[Prashant Shah(83.25%)]
IIIrd-[Shashank Shukla (81.5%)]
IVth-[Vishal Awasthi (79%)]

Toppers OF ICSE(X) 2018

Ist-[Siddharth Trivedi(91.3%)]
IInd-[Kanishka Patel(89.2%)]
IIIrd-[Sonal Singh (87.4%)]
IVth-[Aditi Singh (83.8%)]


School Timing

Kinder Garten 8:45 AM to
01:20 PM
Junior Section
(1st to 8th)
8:00 AM to
2:00 PM
Senior Section
(9th to 12th)
8:00 AM to
3:00 PM
Kinder Garten 9:15 AM to
1:45 PM
Junior Section
(1st to 8th)
8:30 AM to
2:30 PM
Senior Section
(9th to 12th)
8:30 AM to
3:30 PM

Bal Vidya Bhawan Public School

Bal Vidya Bhawan Public School which was earlier known as Bal Vidya Bhawan Montessori school was established in year 1980. its field of activities the city of Hardoi and its suburbs. It run classes from prenursery to class XII.

The school is governed by Bal Vidya Bhawan Public School society and its fields of activities is the district of Hardoi.

The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination(C.I.S.C.E) Board, New Delhi fro holding class X(ICSE) and class XII(ISC) examination with its own center with in the premises center. 


Principal's Message

  • My Dear Friends,
    Finally we have been able to launch the website of BVB Public School, Hardoi. I must confess I expect a lot to happen in the world of BVB with more interaction and continuous upgradation we expect to livenup true atmosphere. Our website target at our ex- students who still want to keep in touch with us. It targets at our students, staff, society and council to share information with eac other.
    All my best wishes and blessing that the website may serve its purpose.
    Mrs. Kirti Singh
    Managing Director
    January 2020
  • My Dear Friends,

    Schooling is our first contact with the world, a period of joy, healthy competition, fearing, adjustments, sharing and love. It is in the heart of students and staff that makes true institution existence.

    This website serves like a year guide of the School. It carries class Photographs of respective batches and massage from Director and Principal. There are few pages on the important highlights and events from the humble begining in 1980, till date - covering a span of 36 years of yeomen service to the community, as well articles dealing with extra and co-curricular activities & Farewell to employees who have left or demised. The Faculty Photographs have been inserted. And last but not least the narrative pages consisting of articles from Students and staff.


    Miss Kanupriya Singh
    March 2020

Photo Gallery

Human Education

Humane Educational is about learning to respect life in our homes, communities and the environment. It encourages kindness and empathy for both human and nonhuman(animals), and promotes understanding of our many diverse habitats.

Devine Education

At BVB, values are taught in a non-intrusive way to a religiously diverse student body from the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Parsi and other faiths. This has been an incredibly complex task but the BVB experiment has been successful in

Meterial Education

Education has mostly been about Material Education. It is assumed that with a good education, a child can get a good job and therefore lead a more comfortable life. For economists, the purpose of education is to create personal and social wealth.

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