Visitors : Goals of BVB Education

Education at our school directs toward insuring the moral and thought process upliftment of the child. Our continuous efforts direct at spreading smile on true faces of each indeviduals to spread happiness among humanity as whole.

The school sees the value of integrity, justice, freedom and love as essential in the process of education thereby leaves no stone unturned to inculcate this among the student.

The special trust of our school is to strenghen true roots of Indian value with respect to other schoool of thoughts.We Believe that every humanbeing has a past, present and future whom god has created as his own replica. Therefore we would like to cherish and love all.

Using this dictionary definition from Noah Webster and Biblical understanding, I have coined some educational goals:

Religious Instruction (to be instructed in the Lord) is the most important educational goal and is therefore the foundation on which all other instruction takes place.

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